A special book was revealed.

It has been revealed to all peoples of the world, regardless of territorial, political, social and other affiliations.

This book describes:

  1. What time we are living in now and what actions we must take to prepare our souls for the day mentioned in the religious Scriptures as the "Day of Judgment".
  2. The secret of the system for creating tables of numbers, the structure of which is comparable to the order in DNA. Each of us must first reach a certain spiritual level so that the seven sacred tables (presented/described in the ancient pictures and scriptures as "seven golden lampstands") reveal their secrets.
  3. The secret of the ancient calendars of the Maya, Slavs, Persians, etc., in which this mysterious book was encoded.
  4. The secret of a crop circle”, which appeared in England in 2006 and represents an open book of numbers. This indicated the forthcoming revelation of the book with the tables.
  5. The secret of the “fulcrum” mechanism, that could allow our civilization to keep the Earth in a safe position so that we can escape the approaching pole shift of the Earth and stop natural disasters.
  6. The secret of the holy cube "Kaaba" in Mecca and the secret of the Muslim symbol of Rub al-Hizb, which is contained in the tables.